EGO Icons. 3,600 Brand-New,
Fresh-to-Death Vector Icons.

Perfect for making your apps and designs stand out in the crowd.

“The EGO icons are a masterpiece of well balanced design and character. I love how each icon has the right level of detail while maintaining elegant simplicity. A truly practical icon set for any modern project”
Manoela Ilic - @codrops
Freelance web designer and developer with a passion for interaction design.

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Make your next project stand out with this unique style

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100 Vector Icons
All icons provided in .SVG, .PDF, .AI, .SKETCH, .EPS, and .iconjar,
so you can fire ‘em up in your favorite graphics software.

Define Your Style

Customize Ego Icons to your branding colors in seconds

Choose between 2 different styles:
Monoline style, drawn with a single minimal stroke.
Duotone style, with shaded parts that bring more depth.
Change all icon colors in seconds.
Using the “Shared Styles” in Sketch, or the “Global Colors” in Illustrator, quickly apply a new color scheme to all icons!
“Vincent's icons have consistently proven themselves invaluable to me, and I'm so excited about this new Ego set!”
Khoi Vinh - @khoi
Principal designer at @adobe working on @adobexd and more, blogger @subtraction.

Dropkick Some Fun

Into your design fundamentals

EGO icons are based on basic geometric shapes like the ones you learned in grade school. Think triangles, hexagons, wedges, and zig-zags.
The EGO Icon Pack is fresh and forward-facing — perfect for making your apps, web interfaces, and UI designs stand out in the crowd. Preview our complete collection with 3,600 Fresh-to-Death vector icons.
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3,600 Radical Geometric Icons

Organize + Search In Seconds

And use icons the easy way

Import 3,600 icons to the IconJar application... in one click!
All icons are tagged and organized by category so you can quickly find the right one.
“Like all Webalys icons, EGO offers the attention to detail and flexibility that you will have come to expect, but with a distinctive personality that can make a project really stand out from the crowd.”
Andy Clarke - @Malarkey
Head of design @ansarada. Founded @stuff_nonsense & author of @gethardboiled. Really, really loves gorillas.

How EGO Will Help You

create your next kickass UI

ICONS IN ALL THE FILE TYPES YOU NEED: Every single icon is provided in .SVG, .PDF, .AI, .SKETCH, .EPS — fire up your favorite graphics software and do what you want with ‘em

DEAD-SIMPLE TO INCLUDE ICONS IN YOUR CODE: Embed any EGO icon in your applications or website with a few quick clicks…’cause they’re provided as individual SVG or PDF

SIMPLE TO CHANGE LINE WIDTH OR TWEAK COLORS — so you can keep your designs consistent across branding changes, client revisions, or mysterious airborne toxic events

SEARCHABLE IN SECONDS with IconJar integration. Spend your time on the tasks that matter most, instead of tracking down the ~*~* perfect *~*~ icon

Why Should I Buy
Another Icon Pack?”

...AKA the question you’re asking yourself right now

You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t buy just another icon pack.

You should buy THIS icon pack, because every single icon inside it is designed to help you...

Save so much time creating a polished product, you might even feel guilty about it

Don’t bang your head for hours to create or customize icons. Just pop open EGO for a distinctive look right out of the box.

Take the creative strain out of mockups and rapid prototypes

Placeholder graphics are boring...not to mention they can distract from your design and throw a giant monkey wrench into your UX flow.

When you’ve got a killer icon library at your fingertips, you can turn mockups around quickly and confidently (and make sure you’ve got plenty of time left for revisions).

That lightness you feel? It’s the burden being lifted from your overworked shoulders.

Get design approval way faster

Looks killer? Check. Works perfectly? Check. Design approved? Check.


Set your UI designs apart -- no, really

It pays to be on the cutting edge.

We all still love those popular rounded, icons that are everywhere (hell, I’ve designed more than 5,000 of them with Streamline!), but the angular design trend is coming in hot.

Sooner rather than later, you’ll be working on a project that needs a standout look and feel.

EGO icons are the answer.

Stop drawing icons by hand & customizing existing sets

Sure, you can customize the EGO Icon Pack to your heart’s content (including changing line widths, colors, and tweaking the icon design itself).

But with 3,600 readymade, resolution-independent icons, you don’t have to.

Charge more $$$ for your work (yeah, I said it)

Icons do way more than just put a pretty face on your UI. Great icons take your designs up a notch...placing them firmly above work by designers who are still relying on incomplete or low-quality icon sets.

Love EGO

Or get your money back

Hey, I’m Vincent Le Moign.
You might know me from my Streamline, Nova or Kameleon icons collections (and you’ve seen my icons used by brands like Facebook, Daimler, and Adobe).

I’m so sure you’ll love the EGO Icon Pack, I’ll make you a deal.

After you buy, you have 30 solid days to play around with EGO icons. If you don’t find the icons useful within that time, contact me for a refund.

No questions asked.

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3,600 Radical Geometric Icons -   $127

Included in your vector pack:
3,600 Vector Icons x 2 styles: Monoline and Duotone.
7,200 Individual SVG and PDF
Prepared and tagged for Iconjar
Up to 5 users licenses
Free lifetime updates
Unlimited projects (if you use less than 100 icons/project)

File formats:


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